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9 Essential Tips to Navigate the World of Travel Nursing Before Embarking on Your Adventure Traveling for work doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank, but wading through the endless Google search results that claim to be the quick answer to scoring five-star accommodations at virtually no expense can make you feel like… Continue reading Navigating the “Travel” in Travel Nursing: 9 Things Every Travel Nurse Should Know Before Hitting the Road

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Places to Visit as a Travel Nurse in Louisiana If you’ve never had the chance to visit the state of Louisiana or enjoyed the many simple pleasures it has to offer, you’re definitely missing out on a good time. Given the fact Advantage Medical Professionals has been open and operating in New Orleans for nearly… Continue reading Travel Nurse Destination Spotlight: Louisiana

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7 Tax Tips for Travel Nurses Tax season is around the corner and we know that as a travel nurse, doing your taxes can be a daunting task. It is common for travel nurses to have both taxable and non-taxable income, coupled with travel expenses and tax homes you may be wondering where to start.… Continue reading 7 Tax Tips for Travel Nurses

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From Submitted to Accepted: A Travel Nurse’s Guide to Landing the Offer   The temporary staffing world for nurses and healthcare professionals has always been competitive. Now that we are moving out of those crisis assignments and back to some form of normalcy, it is only becoming more so. Even if you’re confident that your… Continue reading From Submitted to Accepted: A Travel Nurse’s Guide to Landing the Offer