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Nurses are an essential member of pandemic preparedness and can assist your company with keeping a focused and sustainable plan to minimize potential spread and exposure in the event an infected employee is symptomatic or asymptomatic.

Having a nurse, or multiple nurses on-site, contributes to the organization’s efforts to uphold a safe and healthy environment for all members to work in. Contract a nurse now through Advantage Medical Professionals, contact us today!

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  • Attendance – School nurses improve overall school attendance through health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management. add to your on-site nurse staff to ensure your faculty, staff and students remain healthy during this time.
  • Academics – When a student is healthy, they are in the classroom, engaged and ready to learn! school nurses allow for increased student performance, which also contributes to decreased drop-out rates.
  • Time – A school nurse in the building saves principals, teachers, and clerical staff a considerable amount of time. rather than the principal, teacher or staff member addressing the health concern, the nurses are now responsible.
  • Wellness – School nurses improve the general health of all staff. with additional nurses on-site this allows for more attention to the overall wellness of the entire school organization.
  • Accountability – School nurses help schools stay accountable by promoting compliance with federal and state laws and by preparing for emergencies that arise.


  • Fully Insured & Bonded
  • On Site Temperature Screeners
  • Qualified Professional Nurses On Staff
  • Screened & Tested Healthcare Professionals
  • Required Equipment (Optional)
  • Collection Of Declaration Forms Health Questionnaires (as necessary)
  • Establish A Chain Of Custody Protocol For Collection Of Documentation
  • Escalation Process Of Any Abnormal Temperatures
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Staffing & Clinical Support
  • Louisiana Based
  • Locally Owned & Operated Since 1984, With One Texas Office and Four LA Offices
  • Member Of The BBB
  • On Staff Director Of Nursing
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