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Advantage Medical Professionals' Story

For 40 years, Advantage Medical Professionals has connected top-quality nurses with leading healthcare organizations, all in places where we’d want to be. Because we believe that your quality of life—especially with a career as challenging as nursing—is largely dependent on how much you enjoy where you live. With Advantage Medical Professionals, you’re not just getting an assignment or fulfilling a staffing need. You’re joining a family of professionals. You can trust us to be open and honest with you, we truly care to give you the attention you need and deserve. Tell us what you want. We’ll go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Call us now!

Our Core Values

Integrity. We are honest, ethical, and will not do wrong by our clients, clinicians, or patients.
Openness. We embrace new ideas and champion diversity.
Quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and promise high quality service.
Speed. We make thoughtful decisions and execute them quickly.
Respect. We treat everyone and all interactions with compassion and respect.
Teamwork. We collaborate and work together towards common goals.

Our Mission

Connecting quality healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional patient care.

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We're Proud to be
Joint Commission Certified

As a Joint Commission Certified healthcare staffing agency, Advantage upholds the highest standards in supporting the staffing challenges of healthcare organizations.

For our nurses, it means we can offer a wide variety of quality assignments, and that we’ll always be open and honest about the details of each assignment.

For our clients, it means that our rigorous process of credentialing, selection, and placement will assure them of getting top-quality professionals to meet their specific needs and requirements.