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Travel Nursing Jobs - The Best Way to Begin Your Nursing Career

Gain the flexibility and freedom you desire while still having a job you love and making a difference in people’s lives when you become a travel nurse. Advantage Medical Professionals helps healthcare professionals expand their careers and explore the country. Join our travel health care agency today to get top-rated traveling nurse jobs.

What Is Travel Nursing?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who takes their skills and experience to assist various facilities or hospitals in their daily nursing schedules. Travel nurses hold temporary or contract roles through a travel health care or nursing agency.

As a travel nurse working through an agency, you receive placements and payments from that organization. You may also get your insurance through the company if provided. Travel nurse job openings are available around the United States, so you can work with an agency like Advantage Medical Professionals to discover jobs in locations you want to visit. Enjoy the flexibility to explore for several weeks or scout an area to potentially move there.

Travel Nurse Job Requirements

To become a travel nurse, you must meet specific requirements and hold the education, experience and licenses to work in the states in which you want to get assignments. Ensure you have the following qualifications:

  • Be a registered nurse, completing the necessary programs and tests
  • Have at least two years of experience in your nursing specialty
  • Have licensure in the states you want to work in, if necessary
  • Maintain required certifications, like basic life support
  • Have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Maintaining the requirements ensures you qualify for most travel nurse positions. Additionally, some agencies or companies may have more prerequisites, so check before applying.

Popular Travel Nurse Positions

Traveling nurse jobs are still in demand, especially in short-staffed places. In most places, the specialties most sought-after include:

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

ICU nurses are essential to every hospital. Many travel nurse positions request nurses with experience working in ICUs because they can provide the most assistance for life-threatening conditions and illnesses. Their expertise in treating critical patients makes the ICU travel nurse position in high demand.

Emergency Room (ER)

Emergency room nurses are also in high demand. Hospitals with understaffed ERs rely on travel ER nurses to triage patients and use their skills to treat them, prioritizing the sickest first. Becoming a traveling nurse could be an excellent option if you have a specialty working as an ER nurse.

Labor and Delivery (L&D)

If bringing new life into the world is your calling and you dream to see the world, becoming a travel labor and delivery nurse is a great option. These roles are critical to helping families navigate their new life with a baby. As a travel labor and delivery nurse, you’ll be able to help bring children into the world all over the country.

Telemetry (TELE)

More telemetry nurses are also needed in facilities across the U.S. If you have the experience, training and skills to provide telemetry services, you would be an asset to many of these organizations.

Benefits of Working With Advantage Medical Professionals

At Advantage Medical Professional, we ensure you can access various travel nurse job openings and benefits to help you with assignments.

  • Competitive pay: We ensure you receive competitive pay when you work with us to get your assignments.
  • Excellent placements: Our team finds jobs that meet your needs and goals. When you work with us to get new assignments, we ensure the job is a good fit for you and the hiring company. Our network allows us to customize your placement and ensure you end up at locations that work for you.
  • Insurance coverage: As a travel nurse through Advantage Medical Professionals, you gain access to various insurance plans, such as health, pet, ancillary and professional malpractice and liability policies.
  • Supportive team: Behind every new job position and ongoing clinical support is a dedicated team member who can answer your questions and provide assistance whenever needed.
  • Travel compensation: When you travel to your new assignments, we ensure you receive reimbursement for the costs of your travels. We’ll create customized compensation packages so you get what you need.

Feel reassured about working with Advantage Medical Professionals. We are certified by The Joint Commission with the Gold Seal of Approval®. Our certification showcases our commitment to following the highest ethical and quality standards.

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