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Do you want flexibility in your schedule while furthering your nursing career and staying close to home? Becoming a local travel nurse is the perfect solution. Work with Advantage Medical Professionals, one of the leading local travel nurse agencies in the United States, to obtain local travel nurse contracts.

What Is a Local Travel Nursing Contract?

Local travel nursing contracts involve working at a medical facility or hospital in your hometown or nearby based on contracts. The contracts you work on could be anywhere from two weeks to six months long. You have more flexibility when you work on a contract because each job is temporary and only lasts for a set term. After a contract ends, you can pick a new one at a different facility to gain experience elsewhere.

Most local contracts are within 50 miles of the travel nurse’s residence.

Why Become a Local Travel Nurse?

Becoming a local travel nurse can help you gain the desired experience without moving far from home. You can grow professionally by enhancing your skills and connecting with new people at various facilities. Working as a travel nurse also means you have job security. If one position doesn’t work, you can always find another one elsewhere because registered nurses are in demand in almost every area. The freedom to work and pursue new interests is an excellent advantage of being a local travel nurse.

With your local proximity, you enjoy the benefits of traveling and staying close to home since all the assignments you may work on fall within 50 miles of your home. Additionally, travel nurses, even local ones, often have the potential to earn a high salary. Your services are acutely needed in many places, so organizations offering these contracts will likely pay the wages nurses need and want.

How to Become a Local Travel Nurse

Consider joining local travel nurse companies like Advantage Medical Professionals. We help our travel nurses find local contracts that suit their needs and goals. You can rely on us to help further your career by identifying jobs that align with your skill set.

We are Joint Commission certified, so you can trust that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethics when helping you get local travel nursing jobs.

Besides working with a local nursing travel agency, you must also have the proper licenses and education clearances. The requirements include:

  • Being a registered nurse
  • Having proper nursing licenses for the state you’re in
  • Having at least two years of work experience
  • Maintaining proper certifications, like CPR and basic life support

Your expertise helps you be successful in various assignments. You likely have a specialty you studied during nursing school, which can help you get diverse placements in different facilities as you work contract to contract.

Benefits of Joining Advantage Medical Professionals

When you join our agency as a local travel nurse, you gain access to multiple benefits, including:

  • Competitive pay: Working through an agency like Advantage Medical Professionals lets you access competitive pay rates. You can receive daily pay through direct deposits.
  • Insurance coverage: Receive insurance through us to ensure you are fully covered professionally and personally. You’ll have access to liability and malpractice policies, and you can also get health insurance through us, including dental and vision.
  • Perfect placements: Our team ensures excellent job placements matching your career goals. We work closely with you to ensure you find the best placements possible to fit your schedule and distance preferences.
  • Supportive team: Behind every job placement is a team that supports you through the entire process, from finding an assignment to securing and starting it. We leverage decades of experience as a staffing partner to help you learn about and secure the jobs you want.

Wherever you are in the country, our team will help you find jobs in or near your area. We want to help you succeed, so we’ll do everything we can to support you and your career.

Join Advantage Medical Professionals for Local Travel Nursing

Are you looking to become a local travel nurse in your area? Advantage Medical Professionals can help. When you join our agency, we make sure to find positions that fall within your desired radius so you can stay close to home while gaining a wide range of experience to help further your nursing career.

Learn more about our local nursing jobs and how you can become a local contract nurse when you complete our contact form today.

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