Telemetry Travel Nursing Jobs

If you are ready to embark on a new adventure in your nursing career, consider telemetry travel nursing. This rewarding nursing job option allows you to care for patients within the cardiovascular specialty while traveling the country and knocking states off your bucket list. The Advanced Medical Professionals team can get you on track to your ideal job in your dream location.

What Is Telemetry Travel Nursing?

In a nutshell, telemetry nursing specializes in monitoring and recording patients’ vital signs — especially patients who are under critical care. This position often involves the management of specialized medical machinery like echocardiograms (ECG or EKG). Telemetry nurses are responsible for closely monitoring the ECG data and identifying any irregularities.

Telemetry travel nursing provides the same expertise without being fixed to a singular location. The length of a travel nursing assignment can vary, but they are often short-term, allowing you the flexibility to move from one health care facility to the next.

Requirements of a Travel Telemetry Nurse

Telemetry nurses are responsible for monitoring and identifying ECG data for critical care patients. These patients are usually on this particular machine because of previous heart attacks, strokes or other conditions where their heart was in danger. Telemetry nurses are required to catch any irregularities these patients experience and report them immediately to keep patients safe.

Because of this role, telemetry travel nurses must have:

  • Strong attention to detail: ECG charts are busy, and telemetry nurses need to quickly identify any changes from a regular rhythm. This requires strong analytical expertise.
  • Clear communication: Because their patients are high risk, telemetry nurses need to have clear communication skills in the event that an irregularity is identified.
  • Steady temperament: Heart rhythms can change in an instant, and telemetry nurses must remain calm during these high-stress situations to get their patients the care they need as soon as possible.

Why Become a Telemetry Travel Nurse?

Telemetry travel nurses are very analytical individuals who can thrive in critical care environments. Going into this specialty can allow you to:

  • Exercise your skills: If you enjoy working in fast-paced environments, telemetry nursing can be for you. Challenge yourself while rapidly responding to patient needs and quickly problem-solving.
  • Gain growth opportunities: There is an abundance of opportunities for personal and professional growth in monitoring patients’ vital signs and telemetry data. Network with the health care professionals you meet around the country while personally advancing your analytical expertise.
  • Fulfill an adventure: Travel nurses are uniquely able to work in various health care environments to advance their professional journey. This position also allows for personal adventuring as you explore your new and temporary home outside of work.

Advanced Medical Professionals Team Benefits

Advanced Medical Professionals is here to support our team members in every way we can through our:

  • Competitive compensation packages: Receive high compensation for your hard work, including housing and travel coverage.
  • 24/7 support line: Call our help desk at any time for clinical expertise and question support.
  • Customized placement options: You have the freedom to choose where your next assignment is — whether in your home state or across the country.
  • Health insurance packages: We have insurance packages available for families, pets, malpractice, government assistance and more.
  • Referral bonuses: Do you know someone who would be a great addition to our team? We offer referral bonuses for you and your friend!

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