Travel Nurse ICU Jobs

Travel intensive care unit (ICU) nurses are always in high demand. If you are already an ICU nurse or are a nurse in another specialty, travel ICU nursing may be the right fit for you.

Advantage Medical Professionals has ICU travel assignments around the country. The choice is yours for where you want to go, and we are here to support you along the way.

What Is Involved in an ICU Travel Nursing Job?

ICU travel nurses complete the same tasks as traditional ICU nurses — the only difference is that travel nurses have short-term assignments at various health care settings nationwide. In a nutshell, an ICU cares for patients with long-term conditions. ICU patients may also require a monitored recovery from an intense surgery.

Because of their high-attention care, ICU nurses have fewer patients for their shifts. A day in the life of a travel ICU nurse may include:

  • Providing detailed charting and documentation.
  • Frequently monitoring patient vital signs.
  • Administering medications.
  • Managing specialized medical equipment, such as ventilators and respirators.
  • Effectively communicating between care teams.

Required Qualifications and Skills for Travel ICU Nurse Jobs

The first step to becoming a travel ICU nurse is to obtain your Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited university and pass the NCLEX for your RN. Many new nurses are also encouraged to have at least two years of experience in their chosen specialty before pursuing travel nursing. Background knowledge in real-world nursing situations can help travel nurses adjust to their constantly changing job surroundings.

A travel ICU nurse should have the following skillset:

  • Time management: ICU nurses only have a couple of patients at a time, requiring more attentive care, including regular vital monitoring and medication administration.
  • Steady and empathetic temperament: ICU nursing is challenging, requiring both emotional and physical demands. A travel ICU nurse should be able to remain calm under these pressures and provide patients with the empathetic support they need.
  • Critical thinking: ICU nurses will need to make quick and educated decisions as they treat and advocate for their patients’ care.
  • Effective communication: ICU travel nurses collaborate with several other patient care team members, including doctors, therapists and other medical professionals. They must have effective written and verbal communication skills to give their patient the care they require and deserve.
  • Sense of adventure: Travel nurses get to experience ICUs around the nation, giving them the opportunity to work with various teams and health care facilities.

Reasons to Become an ICU Travel Nurse

As with any career, travel nursing can bring unique benefits and challenges. Specifically, ICU travel nursing is a rewarding profession that adds plenty of variety and adventure. Here are some primary reasons ICU travel nursing from Advantage Medical Professionals could be right for you:

  • Flexible job assignments: We have job assignments all over the nation, and you are free to choose where you go. Every job assignment is unique, allowing you to decide based on your exact specifications.
  • Deeper patient connections: Because ICU nurses only have a few patients to care for at a time, they can form deeper relationships with their patients.
  • Competitive compensation packages: Advantage Medical Professionals has more competitive compensation packages for our travel nurses. We also include housing and travel compensation based on your assignment location.
  • Supportive agency: The team at Advantage Medical Professionals is here to support you with a 24/7 help desk available for questions or expertise.

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