Connect With Our Travel Team

Travel Team

Carrie O’Neal

Director of Travel

I have been in the nurse staffing industry for over 20 years and feel very fortunate to come to work each day doing what I love to do. Football season is my favorite time of the year! Favorite city: New Orleans, LA.

Barbie Landwehr


I am married to my love Ken (yes we are Barbie and Ken). I love to work in my yard and watch the Tigers and Saints play. I have been in the nurse recruiting business for 21 years and love what I do. Favorite city: New Orleans, LA.

Chris Ballay


Moved down to Louisiana for college (Geaux Tigers!). I’ve been here ever since. Outside the office my hobbies include: soccer, running, LSU, Pelicans, Saints and analyzing best poboys in New Orleans. Favorite city: New Orleans, LA.

Jay Laine


I’ve been in recruitment for almost 20 years. I love helping people advance their careers. I’m passionate about football and all kinds of music in no particular order. Next city on my bucket list: Austin, TX.

Nancy Mumphrey


When I am not working, or corralling 3 teenagers, I like to read, and watch Netflix – especially Bob Ross! I think the best part of recruiting is the relationships you form.  Next city on my bucket list: Mexican Hat, UT.

Katrina Dunson


I was born in GA, but have lived in CA, IL, IN, and LA.  You can find me selling Girl Scout cookies or binge watching “How to Get Away with Murder“ or “The Profit”, in no particular order. Next city on my bucket list: Las Vegas, NV.

Credentialing & Account Management Team

Ashlie Erdozain


I’m a pretty goofy person, I’m always laughing and usually at myself. I take great pride and joy in scaring my co-workers as much as humanly possible. Any chance there is to dress up in costume I take it! Favorite city: Las Vegas, NV.

Heather Trahan


I graduated from LSU (Geaux Tigers!). I enjoy traveling and recently attended a friend’s safari wedding in South Africa.  It was the greatest experience of my life! Favorite city: New York City, NY.

Porchia Montgomery


I was born in Alabama, but I’m a Nola girl at heart. I love interacting and meeting new people. I cannot go anywhere without my cellphone, and I mean nowhere. Next city on my bucket list: Honolulu, HI.

Colleen Poster


I try to leave the world a little brighter each day. I am always down for a night of scary movies. When I’m not at work, you can find me coaching at my local playground.  Next city on my bucket list: Denver, CO.

Jessica Juneau


I love farm animals especially chickens and horses. When not at work, I can usually be found at the dance studio with my daughter. Next on my bucket list: Yellowstone National Park.

Sommer Smith


I love keeping things running in the background. Our team is the BEST and I love being a part of it. I’ve never met a pizza topping or pizza I didn’t like. Favorite city: Santa Monica, CA.

Executive Team

Joe Spitale


I’ve been the proud CEO of Advantage for 21 years. I enjoy working in the staffing industry, I know that providing great service to our nurses and to our clients is what it is all about. I recognize and take very seriously the role we play in providing the best care possible to the patients we are all ultimately responsible tasked to care for. Favorite city: New Orleans, LA.

Anna Martin


 I have enjoyed working at Advantage for 20 years and I am very proud of its Family Culture which includes Clients, Nurses, and Co-Workers.  The people here are a part of my life and my extended family.  I  love helping people, working with numbers, visiting family, and socializing with my friends. Next on my bucket list: Yellowstone National Park.

Gina Cannatella

Vice President

I’ve been with Advantage for almost 20 years. Every client I work with is a partnership – and with that comes the importance of understanding each client’s unique challenges in order to deliver the best service I can. Next on my bucket list: New York, NY.

Lynn Trosclair

Vice President

For over 30 years I’ve been with Advantage supporting our clients with a team of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals who are always on your side. Favorite city: Destin, FL.