Confidentiality and Security of Information About Clinical Staff and Customers



To maintain confidentiality and security of information about clinical staff and customers.


Policy Statement

Access to information about clinical staff and customers is limited to employees involved in the process of obtaining and providing such information. Since 2008, all employees with access to such information have undergone background checks and drug screening.



1. Our internal IT department, along with our outsourced IT Company, are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of all information maintained in an electronic format.
2. Passwords on computers are used to protect data and programs from unauthorized use. Internal staff is granted network/email access by the internal IT department, based on user role. Employees are encouraged to keep passwords secret and to maintain the integrity of the security system. Employees are instructed to never give out their password. Unauthorized distribution of passwords will result in disciplinary action up to or including termination. The entire network is monitored 24/7 by outsourced IT Company.
3. Internal IT department and outsourced IT Company meet monthly to discuss the health and security of the company’s entire network, and to review analytics reports of the network. Any issues that arise up are immediately addressed and resolved. These issues are discussed in the monthly meetings for quality assurance and security improvement.
4. Employees are prohibited to access an employee file without a need directly related to their employment.

These needs include but are not limited to the following:
a. To maintain the employee file by inputting updated information into the folder or removing outdated information from the folder. Any information removed from the folder is shredded to protect employee confidentiality.
b. Provide information to a client facility regarding an employee.
c. Review of folder for the purposes of performance improvement
5. All employment information is confidential, and the privacy and security of the clinical staff information is maintained by all employees of Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC and any client facility provided such information
6. Employees electronically complete and sign a pre-employment background check. This gives permission to and hold harmless Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC and their assigned screening agent. Screening agent investigates and provides report -to approved Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC staff- any history involving criminal arrests or convictions, personal driving records, Medicare/Medicaid or GSA exclusion, traffic convictions, civil suit information, information as to Race, Sex, and Date of Birth for identification purposes only.
7. Any employee requesting Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC to release wage information is required to sign a wage release authorization form.
8. The Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC is continuously backed up to a secure cloud server. This backup is monitored 24/7 by outsourced IT Company.
9. Human Resource employees and the staffing department provide employee records to client facilities who are utilizing an employee for staffing purposes. In addition, employee records may be sent to governmental or state agencies (Louisiana Workers Compensation, Department of Labor, Department of Social Services, Office of Family Support, Support Enforcement Department, Internal Revenue Services, Office of the Attorney General, or any agency providing a legal subpoena to Advantage Medical Professionals, LLC). In addition, files may be released to any party the employee provides a release of information.
10. In the event confidentiality and security of information about clinical staff and customers are breached, the immediate supervisor and Vice President directly responsible for the employee who breached the information will be notified. The Vice President then informs the director of Human Resources. Disciplinary action may be taken up to and including termination.