Travel ER Nurse Jobs

Emergency room (ER) nurses are superheroes, often working in fast-paced and constantly changing environments. If you already thrive under these conditions, consider travel ER nursing.

With Advantage Medical Professionals, we have emergency room travel nurse jobs in states around the country. Check out what we have available and get started on your new adventure.

Overview of Travel ER Nursing

As a travel ER nurse, you can experience and collaborate with various ER operations teams nationwide. This will provide you with a wide range of experience in acute injuries, trauma care, allergic reactions and a wide variety of other conditions.

In traditional hospital settings, nurses can follow a generally linear path for their patients from admission to discharge. ER nurses must be able to respond to situations much quicker and only with the resources they have available. Some hospitals or clinics may be more equipped than others — this is just a taste of what ER nursing can look like.

Exploring Travel ER Assignments

When imagining an emergency room, many think of a corporate hospital setting. While this is the most common ER setting, ER nurses have the opportunity to work in various health care facilities, including:

  • Trauma centers: Trauma centers work exclusively with patients who have life-threatening injuries, such as gunshot wounds or severe motor vehicle trauma.
  • Urgent care clinics: Urgent care clinics are walk-in centers that handle acute care, like the flu, dehydration or yearly immunizations.
  • Independent community emergency rooms: A community ER may contain a mixed bag of patients, especially if this is the only health care facility in the area.

The typical duration and scheduling of travel ER assignments may vary depending on the setting or state.

Qualifications and Skills for Travel ER Nurses

Because of the hustle and bustle of an ER environment, a travel ER nurse must have a collection of qualifications and skills, including:

  • Proper background knowledge: To be an ER nurse, you should get a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing and have an active license. ER nurses are almost always required to be certified in cardiac life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Fast decision-making: As we previously mentioned, ER nurses need to think on their feet in high-pressure situations. Patients coming into the ER can be experiencing anything from a mild ear infection to a life-threatening injury. ER nurses work the most one-on-one with patients and must be ready to resolve the problem, especially if the patient is in bad condition.
  • Adaptability: Travel nurses work short-term assignments in ERs across the nation. For this reason, individuals who are considering travel nursing must be prepared to adapt to various ER operations and environments.
  • Sense of adventure: Through it all, travel ER nurses should have a love of adventure. Every day is different in the world of ER nursing — and that is what makes it so unique!

Benefits of Travel ER Nursing

When you decide to work with Advantage Medical Professionals, we can provide:

  • Flexibility and freedom: Your assignment and location are your choice. If you have ever wanted to visit or live in a particular state, now is your chance to explore.
  • Competitive compensation packages: We support our nurses emotionally and financially, providing competitive compensation packages for their hard work. We also offer additional perks, including health coverage, pet insurance and referral bonuses.
  • Growth opportunities: Travel ER nursing provides personal and professional growth opportunities. Explore new areas while taking advantage of medical networks to advance your career.

How to Get Started at Advantage Medical Professionals

If you would like to explore available ER travel nursing positions, enter your specifications on our site. Also, feel free to reach out online or by calling 504-456-0073 for questions or to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!