Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Positions

If you are an adventurous person passionate about maternal and fetal care, a labor and delivery travel nurse position may be the ideal fit for you. Labor and delivery is a popular and important specialty, and quality nurses are always in high demand.

At Advantage Medical Professionals, we have several labor and delivery nursing assignments in various hospital locations and clinical settings around the United States.

What Are the Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Requirements?

Regarding education requirements, labor and delivery nurses must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited university or program and an active registered nursing license. It is also recommended that all labor and delivery travel nurse candidates have a foundation in hospital experience due to the frequently changing environment of the job.

Travel labor and delivery nurses must also have a unique skill set, including:

  • Adapting quickly to changing work environments.
  • Displaying knowledge and experience in maternal and fetal care.
  • Providing consistent and simultaneous fetal and maternal monitoring.
  • Advocating for the patient’s needs and wants.
  • Prioritizing tasks appropriately based on patient conditions.
  • Staying positive and calm so that you can be a source of support for the patient.

Benefits of Choosing Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse Positions

There are many reasons why individuals choose labor and delivery travel nurse jobs over traditional nursing positions. Traveling as an L&D nurse can provide:

  • Rewarding career advancement: Labor and delivery nurses get the unique experience of working with mothers as they bring new life into the world. As a travel nurse in this field, you can work with families around the nation, creating your dream job while taking advantage of networking opportunities.
  • Flexible adventuring: The short-term assignments involved with travel nursing allow time to explore your new environment. Now’s the time to choose your next destination and visit that state on your bucket list!
  • Advanced learning opportunities: Moving from location to location gives you ample experience in several clinical environments. Dip your toe into new settings with various teams to grow your labor and delivery nursing resume.
  • Higher compensation: Travel nursing jobs often offer competitive pay, usually with housing involved in your assignment. This opportunity gives you the freedom to travel for your dream job while having the funds to enjoy your personal life.

Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing With Advantage Medical Professionals

At Advantage Medical Professionals, we exist to help nurses match their ideal positions in their dream locations while supporting them every step of the way. Here is a closer look at what being a part of our team looks like.

Flexible Assignments and Locations

Our labor and delivery travel nursing assignments are extremely flexible, offering positions across the nation — from California and Texas to Virginia and beyond. You have the freedom to select each assignment based on the job description, location or other specifications.

Seamless Onboarding and Support

Our team loves to see you succeed. Because of this, we offer ongoing support and several resources to our nurses and client facilities throughout your assignment. On top of it all, our help desk is available 24/7 for clinical support or questions.

How to Get Started

Now it’s time to search the several labor and delivery positions we have available. Follow these steps to filter for our L&D travel jobs:

  1. Under “Job Type,” select “Travel & Local Contracts.”
  2. Click “RN” for “Profession.”
  3. Find “L-D” under “Specialty.”
  4. If you are looking for a specific location, select the state.
  5. Search for jobs and apply for your chosen position.

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