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Advantage Medical Professionals is the leading nurse staffing agency in Texas. We provide nurses for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities throughout the state.

Nursing placement agencies in Texas can offer high-paying nursing jobs right now if you have the right skill set and experience.

If you’re looking for a nurse staffing company that will offer you top pay, exceptional health benefits, and a referral bonus, then we are a perfect choice. We are always here to help with anything you need, so don’t hesitate.

Our nurses are highly skilled and experienced, and they provide excellent care to our patients. We are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients, and we offer a variety of services to meet their needs. Visit our website or contact us at (504)-456-0073 to learn more!

Why Advantage Medical Professionals?

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We know that if you’re looking for a job in Texas, then this is the right place. We specialize and focus on contract RN staffing here too–that means we will actively seek out your next opportunity with our network of hospitals across the state!

Company Relationships

Texas is a big state, but don’t let that stop you from exploring everything it has to offer. We’ve established client relationships throughout the entire Lone Star State and are ready for anything with our customers in mind.

Top Paying Nursing Recruitment Agency

If you’re looking for a top-paying nursing recruitment agency, look no further than Advantage Medical Professionals. We offer some of the highest pay rates in the industry, and we are always looking for talented nurses to join our team.

The Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Right Now:

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse
  • Emergency Room (ER) Nurse
  • Labor And Delivery (L&D) Nurse
  • Medical-surgical/telemetry (med/surg, Tel) Nurse
  • Operating Room (OR) Nurse

Health Benefits

We offer exceptional health benefits to our nurses, including medical, dental, and vision insurance. We also offer an EAP program and life insurance.

Referral Bonus

If you refer a nurse to Advantage Medical Professionals and they are hired, you will receive a referral bonus.


You want to know that you are more than just a number, right? Well, this company recognizes the value YOU provide and treats every candidate with respect. Give them an opportunity – they won’t disappoint!

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our nurses and our clients. We are always here to help, and we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience with us.

If you’re looking for an RN staffing agency in Texas, Advantage Medical Professionals is the best choice.


We know that nurses are busy people, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us. We offer a variety of shifts and assignments, so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Trust Advantage Medical Professionals For All Your Nurse Staffing Needs

Nurse recruiter companies in Texas can be a dime a dozen, but we are the real deal. We specialize in contract RN staffing and have client relationships all over the State.

Agency nursing jobs can be hard to come by, but with Advantage Medical Professionals, you can trust that we will have the perfect opportunity for you. We offer excellent pay and benefits, and we are always here to help you with anything you need.

We want to collaborate with you and help make your life easier. Whether it’s a travel, local contract, or permanent placement we can find the perfect fit for what YOU require. Our focus is on serving your needs–we are here in Texas waiting patiently by open arms so come visit us soon!

Get In Touch With The Best Nursing Company In Texas – Advantage Medical Professionals

Advantage Medical Professionals is a nurse staffing agency in Texas, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. We offer a variety of services, and we always have the needs of our nurses in mind.

We also value our nurses, and we treat them with respect. If you want to work with the best nursing company in Texas, then we encourage you to get in touch with us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.