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Watch Out For Scams Targeting Nurses

Watch Out For Scams Targeting Nurses

Recently, several states have been made aware of possible scams directed to licensees. I urge each of you to be on alert for new scams targeting healthcare professionals.

Several nurses in New Jersey have reported receiving calls from what appears to be from the Board of Nursing phone number. The caller posed as an employee and informed the licensee of an alleged suspension due to illegal trafficking. The person tried to have the nurse give them personal information to reinstate her license. In another instance, another nurse was asked to electronic wire thousands of dollars to avoid suspension of her practicing credentials.

Phishing scams aim to steal your identity by obtaining personal information, such as social security numbers or financial account numbers. Some fraudsters will attempt to steal a large amount of money by having you send a pre-paid gift card. Many of them will appear to be official in their correspondence. They work very hard to deceive even the most cautious of us.

Remember, the Board of Nursing will not call to inform you of any action on your license. They will notify you by certified mail. If you ever have any doubt, hang up and instead call a number listed on their website to ask if the call was legitimate.

If you receive one of these calls here are a few things to do that will help protect you:

  1. Do not give out any personal information or financial funds over the phone.
  2. Contact the Board of Nursing immediately – confirm what the status of your license is, and if there is any pending discipline actions. Nursys.com is the official license verification site.
  3. Sign up for Nursys e-Notify – This is a free service will send you automated license updates via email or SMS.
  4. Be sure that the Board of Nursing has an accurate, current mailing address on file at all times.

We as nurses worked hard to obtain our nursing licenses, don’t let a scam take it away.