Roulette Xtra: a table for land-based casinos with multipliers

Roulette Xtra: a table for land-based casinos with multipliers

The TCSJOHNHUXLEY group is specialized in the manufacture of accessories for land-based casinos. It proposes in particular tables dedicated to traditional games.

Its latest product is called Roulette Xtra. It allows you to play roulette while taking advantage of random winnings multipliers.

Roulette Xtra

Here is an attractive game proposal that we will detail together right away.

Roulette Xtra accessible with single, double or triple zero

The new Roulette Xtra table has a classic playing surface and cylinder. The latter is available with 1 zero slot (0) in the European version, 2 zero slots (0 and 00) in the American version or 3 zero slots (0, 00 and 000) in the Mexican version – an online live roulette casino game.

Of course, the same applies to the game carpet, which contains the classic squares plus those for betting on orphans, neighbors, and third parties.

The table is also accompanied by a screen that displays various useful information. It is also on this screen that the famous winnings multipliers are randomly selected during the games.

4 multipliers from 50x to 500x for each game at Roulette Xtra

The Roulette Xtra material allows land-based casinos to offer their customers an interesting modification of the classic rule. Everything goes on as usual during the betting phase. Then, when the betting phase is over, the dealer will throw the ivory ball into the cylinder.

As it travels through the roulette wheel, 4 numbers are drawn by a random number generator to appear on the famous screen. Each one is also flanked by a win multiplier, also randomly selected, which can reach between 50x and 500x.

Roulette Xtra

At Roulette Xtra, bets on full numbers are normally only rewarded with a 30:1 payout ratio, but if the ivory ball lands on the square of one of the 4 numbers drawn by the RNG, bets placed on it will benefit from the corresponding payout multiplier. In short, there are up to 500 times his bet to win.

A concept inspired by the one of the live games Lightning Roulette accessible on Dublinbet

The fans of live casino are not likely to be extremely disoriented by the Roulette Xtra table marketed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY. Indeed, this one proposes a playful operation rather close to the game in live Lightning Roulette of Evolution.

Released during the year 2018, this one selects at each game between 1 and 5 numbers with each one a win multiplier from 50x to 500x. Having quickly become very popular on the web, it will inspire other software. Pragmatic Play Live Casino, for example, offers Mega Roulette, a game with a live dealer. Authentic Gaming brings some adjustments to this basic concept in XL Roulette which allows you to enjoy up to 11 randomly drawn numbers in each game. Those who wish to find these 3 games live on the web can choose among others Dublinbet which hosts Lightning Roulette, Mega Roulette, and XL Roulette to try to win more at the queen of casinos.

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