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We would like to think that travel assignments will go without problems, but sometimes not everything is as smooth sailing and issues do come up that are unavoidable. As the saying goes, “Life happens.” Here are a few examples of potential problems for travel nurses and suggestions on handling them.

Family problems while on travel assignment. You may encounter a family problem that will require your immediate attention. When this occurs, it is best to notify your agency first. Try to handle the issue with as little time missed as possible. Always keep the line of communication open with your agency and facility and avoid leaving your assignment without notification.

Problems with your agency. You may encounter problems with your own company. This could range from payroll problems, to housing, recruiter communication, etc. Multiple things can occur. If this were to happen, follow the chain of command. Professionally contact supervisors or mangers. Odds are the problem can be resolved quickly. Avoid going to social media outlets. Not only does this create unwanted publicity, it could also portray you negatively to other companies.

Problems with the facility while on assignment. There are multiple types of situations that can occur in the facility. From agreeing to float, to scheduling, access codes, personality conflicts, etc. You will need to determine the best way to handle each situation, depending on the type of issue. Some issues can be handled by going directly to the unit manager, others may need to include the agency, your recruiter and clinical director. Use your best judgement and always communicate in a professional manner.

Contract canceled by the facility. This is an unfortunate incident to have your contract cancelled by hospital due to performance related issues. When this happens it is usually standard procedure for the agency’s Chief Nursing Officer to communicate with the facility on the performance issues. The CNO for the agency will then have to determine if you are eligible to work future contracts.

Tax time is upon us. I am not a CPA, but I can Google with the best of them! Here’s a few tax deduction items for nurses I found online:1. Agency cost2. Membership and union fees3. Work uniforms4. Stationary5. Computer/Laptop6. Subscriptions7. Home office expenses8. Car expenses for certain circumstances

These are just a few items I found online. PLEASE be sure to check with your tax advisor for specific items.

If you are not involved in professional nursing organization, it is always a good idea to join. Here are a few reason to consider: Education, annual conventions, networking, certifications, targeted products and resources, career assistances, web sites.

Be sure to do your research and find the organization that suits you!

Bobby Cupp RN BSN is AMP Staffing’s Director of Clinical Services located in our New Orleans Corporate office. Please contact him for all your clinician needs.

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