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Take The Poll: What's In Your Scrub Pockets

Nurses are known for always being prepared for any situation. And many nurses swear by some essential items they keep on themselves at all times. So we thought it would be interesting to explore this new trending topic, by starting a poll to answer the question once and for all... what is the most popular item found in scrub pockets?

What's in your pockets

The new trend "what's in your pockets", has recently become a popular topic that has been trending on travel nurse forums. Some nurses only carry the essentials; however, there are also plenty of nurses who pack their pockets full of goodies. Take our poll below and compare your answers with other nurses across the U.S.

"I also usually have swabby caps, IV tubing caps, flushes, my stethoscope, and my phone" -Emilie Gordon's

"Group Moderator Sharpie, pens for securing drains and a small flashlight on the badge"- Lindsey Dorety

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