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Helpful Packing Tips: Travel Nurse Check-List

Moving cities is hard, make it easier with this crucial check-list. This list is a lifesaver for travel nurses and includes things that are easily forgotten but very important.

Passport/ License

Not only important for your own personal use but some hospitals might ask for it in order to confirm who you are.

Credentials/ Certifications

Some hospitals will want to double check.

ID Badge from Employer

The agency you are employed by should provide you with an ID badge.

Forward Mail

Use one of these methods to enroll: Enroll online or enroll at your local Post Office. If your move is temporary, you can use this service for as short as 15 days or as long as 1 year.

Plan Bills Accordingly

When you're not living in your home every day it's easy to forget to pay a house bill. Fortunately, its very easy to set up autopay with your bills online. That way it's taken care of and you won't have to worry.

Up To Date Car Tags/Insurance

Make sure to check your tags and insurance won't expire in the time you are in a contract. If they will expire be sure to take care of this before you leave.

Mini Toolbox

Because you never know when you might need a screw driver.


Remember to fill your prescriptions before you leave or transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new city.

Confirm Housing

Confirm your housing accommodations, to make sure you are not going to be without. Check to see if you will be provided pots, pans, plates etc. Then pack accordingly.

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