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For Travel Nurses, North Louisiana is More Than Just a Sportsman’s Paradise

With its wondrous beauty, quaint history and welcoming lifestyle, you’ll find exceptional opportunities as a travel nurse with Advantage Medical Professionals in North Louisiana.

Explore the Best in Travel Nursing – in Louisiana

If you were asked what’s the oldest European settlement in the Louisiana Purchase territory, you’d probably be tempted to answer “New Orleans.” In fact, the correct answer would be Natchitoches (Nack-a-tish), established in 1714 in northern Louisiana.

Surprised? It’s one of the many remarkable things you may not have realized about North Louisiana. But the more you learn, the more you’ll see how this region, which includes the metropolitan areas of Shreveport/Bossier City, Monroe, and Alexandria, offers exciting opportunities for travel nurses. North Louisiana, as well as the entire state of Louisiana, could be exactly what you’re looking for: exciting new experiences, new opportunities, flexibility, and a highly rewarding lifestyle with competitive pay and safe, affordable housing options. You’ll find all of this in Louisiana, especially when you're experiencing it as a travel nurse with Advantage Medical Professionals.

If you’re a travel nurse looking for great new experiences and equally great rewards, make the most of your time at work, and at play…in North Louisiana! Talk to Advantage Medical Professionals today about our great opportunities in North Louisiana.

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At Advantage, we’re experts on travel nursing in Louisiana. For more than 30 years, we’ve been placing medical professionals and serving the supplemental staffing needs of healthcare facilities throughout the state. Our home office is in New Orleans and we have additional locations in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Covington. No one can match our knowledge of Louisiana – north, south, east and west.

More to Your Advantage

One of the great things about being a travel nurse with Advantage is that we have strong relationships with virtually every healthcare facility in Louisiana.

“After 30+ years as a leading healthcare staffing agency in Louisiana, our knowledge of this state is unequalled. We have been fortunate enough to build exceptional and lasting relationships with the excellent healthcare facilities in North Louisiana.”

Joe Spitale, President & CEO, Advantage Medical Professionals

Our clients know Advantage Medical Professionals is a trusted staffing partner, responsibly engaged in healthcare excellence and committed to providing professionals with the highest quality of service in the industry. In return, our registered nurses have a great deal of flexibility and can be rewarded with a wide variety of opportunities in Louisiana.

Discover an Exceptional Lifestyle – Inside and Out

As a travel nurse working in North Louisiana, you’ll discover why it’s known as the Sportsman's Paradise. Along with spectacular fishing and hunting, activities such as canoeing, bird watching, camping, biking and hiking can be found in rich abundance. For those looking for other forms of excitement, there are great cultural attractions, intriguing museums and historic homes, superb festivals (including Mardi Gras), tantalizing local restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shopping adventures. Plus there is plenty to do after sunset, with exciting nightlife and casino gaming action.

You’ll also find that North Louisiana has brains to go along with its beauty. The area boasts five major universities: Louisiana State University in Shreveport: Northwestern State University of Louisiana in Natchitoches; Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Grambling State in Grambling; and The University of Louisiana at Monroe. These institutions help fuel the area’s progressive economic, educational and cultural climate, fostering excellence in a variety of industries, including healthcare.

Find Countless Opportunities for Enjoyment

There are three primary metro areas in Northern Louisiana, each with its own unique appeal:

Alexandria - The heart of Louisiana, it serves as the gateway to the beautiful Kisatchie National Forest, with it’s breathtaking beauty and abundance of camping and hiking opportunities. You can also explore the city’s vibrant music scene and an amazing variety of antique stores. Looking for more action? The Jena Choctaw Pines Casino is just minutes away.

Shreveport/Bossier City - The third largest metropolitan area in Louisiana, you’ll find the area a unique combination of two great American heritages – East Texas Cowboy with a Cajun Twist. You’ll find it reflected in its delicious cuisine and it’s wonderful music and nightlife. Speaking of nightlife, Bossier City packs a punch with six casinos offering Vegas-style gaming as well as exciting horse racing action at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs.

Monroe/West Monroe - Home to everything from the stars of Duck Dynasty to the Flying Tigers at the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum, Monroe offers an eclectic mix of recreation, shopping and dining. This is Louisiana’s Delta Country, where you can always unwind at one of the many clubs featuring some of the best blues music in the world. West Monroe is home to numerous parks and recreation areas, some featuring artistic events such as “Ballet Under the Stars.” It is also home to Landry Vineyards, a family owned and operated winery that provides an engaging venue for an outdoor concert series.

While these are the major cities, there are numerous other towns and opportunities for travel nurses scattered throughout North Louisiana. Towns like Natchitoches, the oldest European settlement in the Louisiana Purchase territory. Here, you can visit the original settlement in the magnificent Cane River National Heritage Area.

Get the Most from Your Experience with Advantage

There’s virtually no limit to the great experiences you can have as a travel nurse working in North Louisiana. With Advantage Medical Professionals, you’ll also experience first hand why we have a reputation for unparalleled support. At Advantage, we’re dedicated to supporting your passion to care for others. We are trusted by nurses because we are open and honest, and we give you the attention you deserve – with responsive support 24/7 and 365 days a year. To enhance your experience with Advantage, we have a full-service Travel Division that will work with you to customize compensation packages based on your individual needs. We will help you find safe, affordable, quality housing options while maximizing your base pay. With Advantage Medical Professionals, you’re not just getting an assignment in the Sportsman’s Paradise of North Louisiana, you’re joining a family of professionals.

As a travel nurse, you’re looking to explore new opportunities. You’re looking for great experiences and equally great rewards. And you don’t want surprises – unless they are pleasant. At Advantage, we think that’s exactly what you’ll find in North Louisiana. Superb natural beauty and a surprisingly wonderful lifestyle that lets you make the most of your time – on and off of work.

Find out more about travel nursing opportunities with Advantage in Louisiana!

To learn more about great opportunities for travel nurses in North Louisiana, talk to Advantage Medical Professionals today.

If you’re a travel nurse looking for great new experiences and equally great rewards, make the most of your time at work, and at play…in North Louisiana! Talk to Advantage Medical Professionals today about our great opportunities in North Louisiana.

Call Advantage Medical Professionals 504.456.0073

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