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Meaningful Recognition: Clinician’s Corner October

In this month’s Clinical Corner, Director of Clinical Services Bobby Cupp, RN, BSN, discusses the positive impact of meaningful recognition. Plus, Advantage Medical Professionals celebrates our October DAISY Award® winner, Doris Lucineo, RN.

Meaningful Recognition

I established The DAISY Award® program at Advantage in an effort to provide ongoing meaningful recognition to our nurses. The DAISY Award program is internationally recognized, and highlights the extraordinary work and recognize care our nurses provide for patients and families. Nurses really appreciate the support and respect they receive from their peers and clients via nominations for The DAISY Award. Advantage implemented this program for the nurses who work with our staffing agency because it is an excellent tool for nurse retention, it’s inspirational, and most importantly it’s a momentous reminder for nurses as to why they became nurses in the first place.

Meaningful recognition of the extraordinary contributions of nurses is a core element in creating and maintaining healthy practice environments. Visible recognition makes nurses feel pride, humility, loyalty, and a commitment to their profession. All nurses who are receive a nomination for The DAISY Award receive a DAISY lapel pin. The DAISY Award recognition program is celebrated in more than 18 countries, and helps provide powerful first impression as it indicates to patients, client and peers that they have been recognized as a high caliber nurse! Sporting a DAISY lapel pin can help smooth the introductions when a travel nurse first begins a contract. Without saying a word, the nurse is known to go above and beyond in the care they provide their patient during their most vulnerable time.

Our most recent DAISY Award Honoree, Doris Lucineo, RN, or “Ms. Doris” as she’s known to us has been a nurse for 17 years and part of the Advantage team for more than four years. We are very proud of Doris and know that her clients are always well cared for. She is such an intracule part of her current client’s care team that when the family was asked to participate in a Smoothie King commercial Smoothie King commercial sharing Smoothie King’s respite program for caregivers they insisted Doris be included. Doris is an excellent example of a nurse that provides extraordinary care, and one that leaves a lasting impact on all those she meets. Her passion for nursing shines through in the way she cares not just for her patients, but the love and emotional support she shows towards the family.

Upon receiving the DAISY Award Doris said, “I’m humbled and honored to be selected as the DAISY Award winner. I feel like the DAISY Award is the GRAMMY of Nursing.”

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