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Advantage is Honored to Support the Registered Nurses We Work With Every Day.

As a member of the DAISY Foundation, Advantage Medical Professionals supports our registered nurses by honoring their importance to the community.

We Honor Our Registered Nurses

Recently, the DAISY Foundation announced that it had reached a milestone, with more than 2,000 healthcare facilities committed to honoring extraordinary nurses with the DAISY Award. Advantage Medical Professionals is proud that we are now one of the DAISY member organizations who contribute to its growth. Nurses are extraordinary people, and the more we can do to honor and support them, the better.

The DAISY Award celebrates extraordinary nurses whose relationships with patients and families demonstrate qualities such as compassion, skill, patient safety, and innovation. Healthcare facilities that participate in this prestigious award can be found in all 50 states and in 15 countries around the world. Nominations are mostly made by healthcare facilities, for nurses who make an impact on their patients and families. And to date, more than 60,000 registered nurses have been honored with The DAISY Award. We are thrilled to contribute to this growing number by recognizing registered nurses with Advantage Medical Professionals!

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Reach For More With Advantage

At Advantage Medical Professionals, we're big fans of nurses. As a leading healthcare staffing agency committed to matching top-notch registered nurses with healthcare environments where they can thrive, we're in touch with nurses every day. Advantage has been placing nurses for more than 30 years - with travel assignments as well as local contract assignments. We strive to match our nurses with rewarding experiences where they can make the most of their skills. We have become a trusted staffing partner for our clients, responsibly engaged in healthcare excellence and committed to providing professionals with the highest quality of service in the industry. In return, our registered nurses have a great deal of flexibility and can be rewarded with a wide variety of travel nursing opportunities.

"We're very proud to be a member of the DAISY Foundation. Nurses deserve to be recognized for their work. We have been fortunate to work with so many excellent nurses, and we greatly value these partnerships. At Advantage, registered nurses work with us, not for us."

Joe Spitale, President & CEO, Advantage Medical Professionals

Supporting Excellence

Applauding excellence is one thing. Making it happen every day is another. At Advantage, we're big on teamwork. We believe that greatness happens when you have the right environment and the right people behind you. That's why we provide you with responsive support 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Nurses trust Advantage Medical Professionals because we are open and honest, and we give you the attention you deserve. Our Clinical Director, Bobby Cupp, is a registered nurse who understands what it's like to be working on assignment. Advantage also provides free, nationally accredited continuing education for our registered nurses, so you can maintain compliance with your state. In addition, Advantage has a dedicated, full-service Travel Division that will work with you to customize compensation packages based on your individual needs. We will help you find safe, affordable, quality housing options while maximizing your base pay.

From matching you with a recruiter, to offering simplified credentialing and direct deposit, to customized travel compensation packages, Advantage offers unparalleled support for our registered nurses.

You Make the Difference

As a registered nurse, you have a tremendous effect on patients' lives, making a difference in their experience during vulnerable and difficult times. At Advantage, we're here to help you make the most of your passion to care for others and to honor you when you excel.

We can't promise you'll win a DAISY Award, but as a registered nurse working with Advantage, you will get a rewarding assignment, great new experiences, and the opportunity to make the most of your time - both on and off the clock. At Advantage, each of our nurses are winners, and we try to say "thank you" every single day.

Find out more about rewarding opportunities for registered nurses. Talk to Advantage Medical Professionals today.

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