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5 Times Medical Shows Got It Wrong

We love medical TV shows just as much as the next person, but that's exactly what it is, TV. To make good TV, events are sometimes portrayed differently than they are in real life. So here's a few times we think medical shows exaggerated the truth.


When patients crash in real life nurses and doctors do not stand around and wait for a crash cart they start CPR. On TV you'll see the doctors performing compressions a lot slower then is necessary for resuscitation.

Old School X-Rays

In Medical TV shows you'll see the doctor's hold the X-Rays up to the light in a really dramatic fashion, but in reality, most scans are digitized on a computer.

Doctor's Doing It All

In Medical TV shows it usually portrays surgeons doing the job of nurses and radiologist. However in real life its the nurses putting in IVs, and radiologist working with doctors to interpret scans.

Patient Care

In Medical shows you see surgeons spending a lot of time in patients rooms, but in reality, the nurses carry out most if not all patient care especially when it comes to a patients post-op care.

Bedside Manner

In House MD you'll see the doctor being rude to the patient, yelling at the patient, which is absolutely not tolerated. Bedside manner is a top priority in a hospital environment.

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