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6 Questions Most Commonly Asked In An Interview

After talking with our nurses, we've selected some questions you should always be prepared to answer when going into an interview. Here's a list of commonly asked questions with reasoning and tips to help you prepare for your next dream contract!

Make The Most Out Of An Interview (Part II)

1. Tell me about other travel assignments you have completed?

This is how the facility gages your experience. They are listening for you to tell them about the type of environment you've previously worked in, they will especially be paying attention to the nurse to patient ratio you are accustomed to in the past.

2. Have you renewed a contract in the past? If this contract goes well would you be interested in renewing?

Usually, if the nurse has renewed a contract in the past, that means the facility has been satisfied with the nurse’s work and it’s a good sign of work quality. A facility will typically ask the nurse if they would be interested in renewing so that they can project staffing needs for the future.

3. Are you comfortable floating to other units?

Most likely as a traveler, you will be expected to float to other units from time to time. The facility needs to know that you can have the experience and confidence to handle anything that gets thrown your way.

4. What do you look for from your immediate supervisor?

This is a common question asked to get a feel for how a nurse relates to supervisors, especially charge nurses and unit managers. To gauge if you are used to working with managers that are hands-on, that will get in and help nurses and work side by side with them or have you had managers in the past that are more hands-off.

5. Have you ever failed to complete a travel assignment? If so why?

Asking you if you have ever failed to complete an assignment, might feel intrusive, but you need to be prepared for this question. The best advice for answering this question is, to be honest, facilities understand that everyone makes mistakes.

6. Which Charting system are you familiar with?

This question is guaranteed to be asked in your interview because different facilities have different charting systems. Depending on what facility you are coming from and what experience you have with the systems, they'll have a better understanding of how fast you will be able to orient to the new facility and how comfortable you will be with the systems. If you have never used the system in your facility, you are essentially starting from scratch.

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