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6 Questions Every Nurse Should Ask In An Interview

Whether you are rookie or veteran to travel nursing, there are important things you want to make sure to ask the interviewer. So here's a list of six questions to help prep for your interview:

Make The Most Out Of An Interview (Part I)

1. Ask questions about the unit

The more information you know about the unit – such as equipment used, ancillary support, layout, etc. – the better you will be jumping into that unit as a traveler.

2. Ask what the nurse to patient ratio is of the unit you are interviewing for

This is a big one for travel nurses, especially if you are not used to a large patient ratio. A level one hospital is always going to have a bigger nurse to patient ratio, and you need to know what you're going to be walking into.

3. Ask what charting system they use

Make sure to get informed and ask which electronic medical record system (EMR) they use at the facility.

4. Reconfirm dates you will need off

It is very important to relay which days you will be needing off before you start. Be sure to also discuss any scheduling requests you may have, such as working consecutive days, during your interview.

5. Ask if the position will involve floating

Most likely you will be asked to float to a different unit. If so, make sure you ask what that would entail, how often, and to which units.

6. Ask unit manager about expectations

It is very important to understand what the unit manager will expect right off-the-bat. Ask questions about how he/she operates, and how he/she schedules.

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