Easier Charting

Login 504.456.0073 Info@ampstaffing.com Facebook Linkedin Instagram APPLY NOW Clinician’s Corner February: Easier Charting Director of Nursing, Angela Totora, MBA/HA, RN, shares tips for making electronic charting easier Charting is a primary task for all healthcare providers. Electronic health records (EHR) were developed to improve patient care and decrease non-bedside activity. When an EHR system performs well, nurses have more time to devote to patient-centered care, and after all, that is what we do. Frustration with

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Why Join Your Nursing Organization?

In this month’s Clinician’s Corner, Director of Nursing Angela Totora, MBA/HA, RN, discusses why nurses should join a professional nursing association.

Membership contributes to the promotion, protection, and advancement of the profession. We strengthen our collective voice through membership.

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License Renewal Reminder!

In this month’s Clinical Corner, our new Director of Nursing Angela Totora, MBA/HA, RN, wishes everyone a happy holiday season and reminds nurses to complete their license renewal requirements by the end of the year.

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