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10 Ways To Be Professional at Work Have you heard the nurse manager say, “that nurse didn’t act professionally?” What did that mean? Isn’t it enough to do your job, and show up on time? What else should you do to be seen as acting professionally? Professionalism is demonstrated by you providing the care that… Continue reading 10 Ways To Be A Professional

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The Nursing Licensure Compact Is Coming To Louisiana! Louisiana is the 31st state in the nation to enact the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC increases access to care, protects patient safety, and reduces costs while supporting state-of-the-art health care delivery. The NLC has been streamlining the licensure process since it was first launched in… Continue reading The Compact Is Coming To Louisiana!

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Easier Charting for Nurses   Charting is a primary task for all healthcare providers. Electronic health records (EHR) were developed to improve patient care and decrease non-bedside activity. When an EHR system performs well, nurses have more time to devote to patient-centered care, and after all, that is what we do. Frustration with EHRs has… Continue reading Easier Charting for Nurses

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Why Join Your Professional Nursing Organization? If you are a nurse and haven’t joined a professional association, you may be missing out on many career-building and professional development opportunities. Nurses join professional nursing organizations for many reasons. Some join to learn what’s going on and to stay current in the nursing field. Others want to… Continue reading Why Join Your Professional Nursing Organization?

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