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This being our week, Nurse Week 2021, I want to send a personal heartfelt thank you to all of the nurses working with Advantage Medical Professionals. I am grateful for your bravery, compassion and sacrifices throughout this past year and always. 2020 was a challenging year. We as nurses have shown over and over again… Continue reading Nurses Week 2021 – A Message From Our DON

Workplace violence is a major concern for nurses and other healthcare providers. Statistics from a 2019 nurse survey showed that 1 in 4 nurses experienced some form of assault.  Being a nurse of over 35 years, I can recall several times of being hit, bit and kicked by patients throughout my career. At that time,… Continue reading One Step Closer To Nurse Workplace Violence Protection

Travel Nurses in a group

Have you ever thought of traveling and seeing the states you’ve never been to before? As the pandemic continues and the need for quality nurses grow across our country, this might be the time to consider Travel Nursing. Facilities throughout the United States are in need of more and more help than ever before. Here… Continue reading How To Begin Travel Nursing

Crisis of Care 482 x 350

Being a nurse of over 35 years in Southeast Louisiana, I have been faced with multiple situations that questioned standards of care. I’m not talking about being sure your patients are getting their medication within 30 minutes of the time it is ordered, or completing that admit assessment within 24 hours of his admission. I… Continue reading How does a nurse handle Crisis Standards of Care?

Stop Happiness Thieves_482 x 350

While thinking about what to talk to you guys about, I was throwing around many ideas. The holidays are coming – so what about recipes or craft ideas to make gift-giving easier. The New Year is right around the corner – so what about recommendations on a good self-improvement book. While tolling through my thoughts,… Continue reading Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy

Medical Marijuana Theraputic Use 482 x 350

Clinician’s Corner Angela Totora, MBA/HA, RN Director of Nursing Marijuana for Therapeutic Use There is a lot of talk about medical marijuana. Do you know what that means to you as a nurse? Here are a few topics that might help you understand this complex issue. Obtaining and using medical marijuana is a complex and… Continue reading Marijuana for Therapeutic Use

10 Ways to be a professional_482 x 350

Have you heard the nurse manager say, “that nurse didn’t act professionally?” What did that mean? Isn’t it enough to do your job, and show up on time? What else should you do to be seen as acting professionally? Professionalism is demonstrated by you providing the care that you would give to your family, or… Continue reading 10 Ways To Be A Professional

LA Joining Compact State 482 x 350

Louisiana is the 31st state in the nation to enact the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC increases access to care, protects patient safety, and reduces costs while supporting state-of-the-art health care delivery. The NLC has been streamlining the licensure process since it was first launched in 1999. The NLC is ideal for travel nurses,… Continue reading The Compact Is Coming To Louisiana!

Easier Charting_482 x 350

Charting is a primary task for all healthcare providers. Electronic health records (EHR) were developed to improve patient care and decrease non-bedside activity. When an EHR system performs well, nurses have more time to devote to patient-centered care, and after all, that is what we do. Frustration with EHRs has never been higher among healthcare… Continue reading Easier Charting

Professional Organization_482 x 350

If you are a nurse and haven’t joined a professional association, you may be missing out on many career-building and professional development opportunities. Nurses join professional nursing organizations for many reasons. Some join to learn what’s going on and to stay current in the nursing field. Others want to network with nurses near them by… Continue reading Why Join Your Nursing Organization?

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