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Travel Hacks For Nurses On-The-Go

Genius travel tips that will help you save time and space. Whether you're traveling for a new contract or a summer vacation, here are 8 hacks to help make your trip a little less stressful.

1. Roll clothes in suitcase to save space and avoid wrinkles


2. Store jewelry in a pill container to keep track of earrings and rings


3. Use plastic wrap to prevent toiletries from leaking

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4. Slip all breakables into thick socks to protect from shattering

Via Kathleen Kamphausen

5. Store important cords in an old sunglasses case

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6. Place cotton pads over makeup to prevent breaking

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7. String more delicate necklaces through a straw

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8. Use a shower cap to keep dirty soles away from your clothes

Via Kathleen Kamphausen

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