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To Live and Eat in LA: Late Night Delights In Southern California

From an all-night Jewish deli to legendary chicken and waffle spot, Los Angeles is filled with opportunities to get your snack on after dark. Here are some of our favorite places to cap off a long day in scrubs.

Travel nurses in California have it good. They're often near the beach, can enjoy pristine wilderness, and enjoy some of the world's best cuisine—no matter what time of day. Working in Los Angeles comes with tons of benefits, including a thriving food scene that never sleeps. Here are some of our favorite places to grab a late night (or early morning) bite in LA.

Photo by ​Thomas Hawk

Placement: Inglewood

Randy’s Donuts

Even if you’ve never been to Los Angeles, you’ve seen Randy’s Donuts before. Their iconic giant donut sign has appeared in dozens of TV shows and movies, and Randy’s real donuts deserve the same kind of attention from you. They’re perfect, pillowy classic-style treats are all around a dollar, so you can try a few.
Open: 24/7
Menu Highlight: The bear claw is a must-order.

Photo By Sean Go

Placement: Redding

In-N-Out Burger

In California, In-N-Out isn’t so much a fast food chain as it is a way of life. Founded right here in California, the restaurants boast a cultish following thanks to their delicious, freshly-made burgers and their hallowed secret menu. And the best part? They’re open late. Long day? There’s no better way to recover than with a delicious milkshake.
Open: Until 1AM.
Menu Highlight: Repeat after us: I’ll have a double-double animal style, fries well done and a Neapolitan shake.

Placement: Los Angeles

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Chicken and waffles. Some things just pair perfectly. If you can’t choose between breakfast and dinner, then don’t. Roscoe’s is a soul food staple with seven locations throughout the Los Angeles area, and it’ll fix you right up, no matter what kind of day you’ve had.
Open: Until 12AM weekdays. 2AM on Friday and Saturday.
Menu Highlight: The Country Boy special [three fried wings and a waffle] was renamed the Obama special when the President dropped into Roscoe’s for a surprise visit. That’d be a good place to start.

Photo By Toby Hancock ©2011

Placement: Los Angeles

Canter’s Delicatessen

A Los Angeles legend since 1931, this 24-hour delicatessen will transport you to New York City with its decidedly old-school menu of Jewish classics. Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes or one of Canter’s signature deli sandwiches, it’s the perfect place to start or end your day in Southern California.
Open: 24/7
Menu Highlight: The Matzo ball soup is a must-try, but if you’re feeling adventurous grab a Brooklyn Avenue Sandwich—pastrami or corned beef piled high with cole slaw and Russian dressing on rye.

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