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Tips To Boost Energy And Stay Active On Assignment

Nurses live a very fast past life, needing every burst of energy they can get. Plus they also don't have much free time to hang out in a gym. So we compiled a list of tips on how to stay active and get boosts of energy while working long shifts:


Smart Snacking avoid sugary snacks, feed your body something nutritious to give yourself a boost in the middle of a long shift, such as fruits and nuts.

Make A Goal set a goal and mark it on a calendar. Want to run a 5k? Want to kick a bad habit? Set a goal, make a plan, put it on a calendar and reach your goal.

Workout Buddy find a friend that you can workout with and get active together. When you workout with a friend you are more likely to push yourself plus working out with a partner is more enjoyable.

Get Your B's (aka B vitamins) which helps your body produce healthy red blood cells, that will improve metabolism and maintenance of brain cells. You can get your daily B vitamins from nuts, seeds, greens, lean meats, fish, and nutritional yeast.

Get Out try something new. Look for local classes going on around in the area, such as a yoga, zumba, or salsa classes. Not only are the local classes a great way to get out there and get active, it also is a great way to meet people in a new town.

Stay Hydrated studies have shown that drinking water when you wake up causes an increase in metabolic rate, the study also showed that drinking two liters of water per day adds more energy expenditure to the body’s metabolic rate and promotes natural weight loss.

Check out more ways to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels Below.

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