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The Perfect Match: Meet Our Recruiting Team

The members of Advantage's recruiting team are familiar with the challenges and rewards of nursing. Together, they offer a rare level of support, creating an environment that feels more like a family than an agency. Meet the people who ensure our nurses feel cared for.

"I've Got Your Back"

Talking to the Recruiting Team at Advantage, one thing becomes clear: they're fully committed to their nurses' success. Their up-close and personal approach ensures that Advantage feels warm and caring in every interaction.

“Registered Nurses count on us to be their voice,” says Bobby Cupp, Director of Clinical Services with Advantage Medical Professionals. “I tell them: ‘I’ve got your back.’”

Bobby knows the challenges and rewards of travel nursing firsthand. He’s been a Registered Nurse for 23 years. Much of that time he spent as a travel nurse with Advantage. His love of nursing and caring for people sets the tone for the rest of Advantage’s team of Clinical Recruiters: Barbara "Barb" Landwehr, Kallye Sigue, Katrina Dunson, and Suzanne Badon-Cieutat.

Most nurses I work with have also become my friends.

Barb Landwehr, Clinical Recruiter

“I believe in building strong relationships with people,” says Barb Landwehr, who has been with Advantage for over 10 years. “Being there for my nurses is very important to me. Most nurses I work with have also become my friends.”

The sentiment is shared by Katrina Dunson: “I love working with people and getting to know them as a person. By getting to know the nurses, being attuned to their own personal preferences, I can get them an assignment that best fits their needs.”

This commitment to matching top-notch clinicians with healthcare environments in which they can thrive has made Advantage Medical Professionals a leading healthcare staffing agency. With more than 30 years' experience in placing nurses on travel assignments and local contracts, Advantage has grown into a nationally-recognized staffing partner. Meanwhile, our registered nurses enjoy flexibility and the chance to take advantage of exciting travel opportunities.

Always On Call

Building relationships with nurses doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a willingness to support them, day after day. Advantage's Recruiting Team is always on call, providing responsive support 24/7 and 365 days a year.

“I love making nurses feel comfortable in a new job,” says Kallye Sigue. “I’m always in touch with them. I listen, and I go out of my way to answer their questions.”

Staying in constant communication is so important, especially for first-time travel nurses. Having worked on both sides, I understand the regulations and lingo to help RNs through the process. At Advantage, we make the paperwork simple.

Suzanne Badon-Cieutat, Clinical Recruiter and former agency nurse.

“RNs count on us because we’ll be with them every step of the way,” says Katrina Dunson. “We are open and honest with nurses, and give them all the information they need to make sure they’ll be happy in their assignment.”

Advantage features free, nationally accredited continuing education for their registered nurses, along with a dedicated, full-service Travel Division that works with nurses to customize compensation packages based on their individual needs. The team helps nurses secure affordable, quality housing options while maximizing their base pay.

Joining The Family

If there’s one word that seems to sum up the atmosphere at Advantage, it’s “family.” It comes up often in conversations with our Recruiting Team.

“There’s a consistency here that you may not find other places,” says Bobby. “We know our nurses and they know us. More of a family atmosphere.”

There’s a consistency here that you may not find other places. We know our nurses and they know us. More of a family atmosphere.

Bobby Cupp, Director of Clinical Services

“The people at Advantage are warm and receptive—like a family,” says Barb. “Our nurses aren’t just getting an assignment. They’re joining our family.”

Thinking about joining the Advantage family? As a registered nurse working with Advantage, you’ll get a rewarding assignment, great new experiences, and perhaps lifelong friends, with you every step of the way.

Caring for others is your job, after all. Shouldn't you work with people who care about you?

Find out more about rewarding opportunities for registered nurses. Talk to Advantage Medical Professionals today. Chances are you'll get to meet one of the staff-members you've just read about.

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