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New Orleans Celebrates 300 Years: Forbes Votes NOLA One of 18 Top Destinations For 2018

New Orleans has a lot to celebrate. This year marks the Tricentennial 300th Anniversary. Also recently, New Orleans made Forbes Travel Guide's 18 Top Destinations of 2018.

About The Tricentennial


New Orleans is celebrating there 300th Anniversary. With the celebration of the Tricentennial, comes the celebration of the world's most unique and diverse city. A variety of special events, concerts, fireworks and completion of major infrastructure projects will take place in 2018. The Mayor, Mitchell Landrieu is concentrating on funding programs that will honor the Anniversary by exploring the history and set the course for the future. See full list here: 2018 Tricentennial Events

The video below from the official New Orleans Tricentennial site explores the past 300 years, this port city has received people from around the world seeking new lives and prospects. The French influence is prominent from the founding of the city in 1718 until the present day.


New Orleans Top Destination By Forbes

New Orleans was named in Forbes Travel Guide's 18 Top Destinations Of 2018. The article names 18 destinations around the world to visit this year. New Orleans was named alongside a variety of impressive destination such as Sydney, Prague, and Abu Dhabi.

The Forbes article also briefly mentions the city's 300th Birthday. Check out the article on Forbes here.

"With its colorful demeanor and non-stop energy, the Big Easy doesn’t appear a day over 200. But as you’ll see with a visit to the city in 2018, NOLA is proudly celebrating its 300th birthday. To commemorate the milestone, you’ll find a calendar full of revelry about town (French Quarter Festival, April 12 to 15), lots of foodie fun (New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, May 23 to 27) and great overnight promotions at top properties such as NOPSI Hotel (the goodie-packed New Orleans Tricentennial Package)." - Forbes Travel Guide

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