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Help for Harvey

The people of Texas need our support.

Today we intended to share a story from one of our AMP nurses about the culture and lifestyle of Dallas and its surrounding areas, as her nursing career has allowed her to get to know the area well over the years. But that nurse currently lives in Galveston, TX, a coastal town just southeast of Houston. She, like countless other Texans, is reeling in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated Texas and left so many of its residents in crisis.

AMP is headquartered in Louisiana, so we’re unfortunately familiar with what living through natural disasters can be like. But we’ve also been on the receiving end of so much help and hospitality from the people of Texas that we wanted to try to return that generosity in their time of need.

After a quick round of internal fundraising, we were able to send supplies directly to members of the Cajun Navy, who are Louisiana citizens with boats (and big hearts!) that have mobilized to assist in the relief effort. If you’d like to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey from wherever you call home, these organizations are accepting donations now:

The Houston Food Bank: Maintaining adequate food supplies at hurricane shelters across the affected areas will be critical in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

The Texas Diaper Bank: Having left home behind, displaced families will be running low on diapers for their infants and toddlers.

SPCA of Texas: In emergency evacuations, pets are often left behind out of necessity—local shelters will be offering food and safety for these pets until their owners can return to claim them.

Find even more ways to give and support the people of Texas at PBS.org.

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