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6 Amazon Essentials To Make Your Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home

We went on a hunt for the most practical decor on Amazon for travelers. These essentials are great for people always on the move, but also great for travelers who want to make their temporary living space feel like home.

Throw Blanket

Everyone needs a good quality blanket to curl up with when they come home. A fury soft blanket like this one help makes a temporary space feel homie.

Get On Amazon: Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket

Storage Trunk

Trunk's are a must have when you're a traveler, not only are they great for moving and storage, they can also be used as furniture such as a bedside table or a coffee table.

Get on Amazon: On the left Clarkson Grey Upholstered Storage Trunk
On the right Vintage Style Steel Metal Storage Trunk Set

Hanging Picture Wall

When you're a traveler, you have to leave all the people you love at home, but at least this way you can bring a piece of them with you.

Get On Amazon: Multi Collage Hanging Picture Frames

Electric Skillet

Perfect for those who love to a home cooked meal, you can practically cook anything in an electric skillet. So trade in loading around a whole set of pot and pans, for this one nifty gadget.

Get On Amazon: Proctor Electric Skillet

Saucer Chair

Everyone needs a good chair to sit back and relax. This chair is easy to fold up, and perfect for travelers on the go. Not only is this chair great for traveling, it also adds a pop of color to any space.

Get On Amazon: Oversized Saucer Chair

Premium Pillow

Make an investment in a quality pillow, it will make all the differences after a long shift. This memory foam pillow has a cult following on Amazon with over 12,000 positive reviews.

Get On Amazon: Coop Home Goods - PREMIUM Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

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