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Photo by [Tours by Isabelle](http://www.toursbyisabelle.com/news/festivals/french-quarter-festival-this.html)

Louisiana's Most Delicious Spring Festivals

A key feature of Louisiana's culture is a thriving outdoor festival scene. Our spring is packed with giant parties celebrating genres of music, neighborhoods, and even important culinary ingredients. Let's take a look at some of the season's best events!

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Five Spring Destinations for the Adventurous Travel Nurse

Looking to change it up this spring? We’ve got you covered. We’ve searched far and wide for the country’s most rewarding travel nursing placements, taking into account cost of living and opportunities for some extra-curricular fun. Here are five must-visit destinations that are calling your name.

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Healthy Habits: Five Great Money-Saving Tips For Nurses

No matter what your financial goals are, every dollar counts. Here are five easy ways you can make sure you're keeping your bank account as healthy as possible.

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Late Night in the Crescent City: Eating After Midnight in New Orleans

Whether you're a travel nurse on a placement in New Orleans or a local who knows their way around town, it always pays to know what's open late—especially with Mardi Gras around the corner. Here are a few of our favorite night owl spots!

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Placing Trust: A Conversation with Gina Cannatella

Acquiring and managing Advantage’s clients can be a demanding job. Vice President Gina Cannatella is up for the challenge, no matter the hour.

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