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Must See: Road Trip Stops Across America

Sometimes the best part of taking a travel contract is being able to hop in your car and explore the routes leading to your assignment. We've selected some top road trip stops from coast to coast. If you're into hiking, sceneries, shorelines, and more, you'll want to take this adventure across America.

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New Orleans Celebrating 300 Years: Forbes Votes NOLA One of 18 Top Destinations For 2018

New Orleans has a lot to celebrate. This year marks the Tricentennial 300th Anniversary. Also recently, New Orleans made Forbes Travel Guide's 18 Top Destinations of 2018.

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Take The Poll: What's In Your Scrub Pockets

Nurses are known for always being prepared for any situation. And many nurses swear by some essential items they keep on themselves at all times. So we thought it would be interesting to explore this new trending topic, by starting a poll to answer the question once and for all... what is the most popular item found in scrub pockets?

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Compact License 101: Everything You Need To Know About (eNLC)

What is the eNLC? Does it affect your state? How do you obtain eNLC license? Get informed and see what the eNCL means for you. Have all your questions answered and more.

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8 Items That All Nurses Should Treat Themselves To This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching, which means it's time for some self-love. Treat yourself to something nice, because you deserve it! Who needs to have a valentine when you can be your own!

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