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Prime Day Deals For Travelers

Amazing Prime Day Deals that are a huge score for travel nurses who are looking for basic items essential for living and some maybe not so essential to treat yourself.

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Where To Celebrate Fourth Of July In Texas

With the 4th only a couple days away, its time to start hammering out those Independence day plans. Mark your calendar for some hug 4th of July firework shows that will blow you away, as they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

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$1,000 RN Referral Program + $500 Southwest Giveaway

Refer an RN for a 13-week travel contract assignment or 72 per-diem shifts, and receive up to $1,000! Plus - get entered to win a $500 gift card to Southwest

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Travel Nursing 101: How To Calculate Net Pay

Calculating your net pay can be confusing, especially if you are new to the travel nursing world. Here's a simple break down of how to calculate your net pay.

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The Pros And Cons Of RV Living According To Travel Nurses

If you're thinking about making a change to a fifth wheel, check out this list we compiled from travel nurses who've already made the switch.

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